Awful memories of both places and Ill never forget it as hard as I tried. The 502nd Security Forces Group has installed new kiosks that will further reduce the health risks during customer check-in when requesting base access. Hated those low crawls right after chow. Note: Single sponsor requests for more than 5 people will require prior approval. Appreciate any info you have. In Basic they ran a kid to death, as the FS said at the time, he was a fat bastard and didnt deserve to be in this mans Army. I wonder what they put down for the cause of death. Congratulations for the good luck of staying out of that debacle. Commanded by Lt. Gen. John R. Evans Jr., Army North's primary missions are land-based Homeland Defense, Defense Support of Civil Authorities and Theater Security Cooperation with the Bahamas, Canada and Mexico. In conjunction with this decision came the determination to develop Brooke General Hospital into one of the Army's premier medical centers. Poszesny. Did BCT at Polk Sep 67 to late Nov 67. Had drill Sargent Spain also. my dad was a drill sgt here roger burdette wish someone had some pics of him think he was there in 1967-68 and later. Schedule an appointment with the ID card section through RAPIDS Appointment Scheduler at Its central location in Military City USA, and Bexar County (pronounced bear), makes Fort Sam the prime spot for overseeing support for the entire joint base, which falls to the 502d Air Base Wing. We all knew that we were going to Vietnam after training and we were also reminded by the training instructors every day. JBSA-Fort Sam Houston Hospital BAMC - She was almost like a Mom away from home. I prepared discharge paperwork for those exiting the service and also conducted reenlistment orientations for those possessing critical occupational specialties that the army wanted to retain. One of the skills tested is making and using an improvised chest seal that is seen on puncture injuries to the upper torso. A. I'm sure a lot has changed and from what I've heard you might have to wear class b uniform when going off post, but it's a privilege none the less. Stopping hemorrhaging (bleeding) using tourniquets is the number one preventable death on the battlefield (Meenach, 2015). 174. r/army. Kinda true. MEDCoEs mission of ensuring Army Medicine Soldiers are trained and prepared to serve in various Army medicine military occupational specialties is vital to force readiness and the Total Army. The intelligence community is good to get in to. Came back to Ft. Polk, and my MOS was change from 91A10, Medical Corpsman, to 71A10 Personnel Clerk, Adjuant General Bldg, and remained there for the next 15 months. However, I didnt go to Vietnam until 71-72. In 1962, Fort Polk began converting to an infantry training center. Extended OSUT allows repetition to hone combat skills, major general says. Dependents must have the Sponsor complete DD Form 1172 online and the electronic renewal application or attached copy; the sponsor must certify DD Form 1172 with an electronic signature. I, too, have wondered so many times, how many of those guys made it back. never forget my time at fort polk.. co c 1st bn 5th bde 3rd plt. Expired Identification Cards [8]:36, During World War II space at the fort was made available for up to 1,000 German POWs. Aller directement au menu principal. This situation is no different from Holiday Block Leave, he explained. God Bless. Remember them who didnt come back alive and those missing. the villa pacific palisades, ca. Taught at Fort Sam Houston, Texas, the program will provide flight medics with additional paramedic and critical care training and certifications."A paramedic provides a higher level of care," said Army Master Sgt. I was the grunt that left the post about Tigerland and Danang. As time progresses through AIT, Soldiers will be granted more privileges including an overnight pass for the weekend. Was a step up. BCT in April 1972, right after high school. 24/7 CUSTOMER SUPPORT Real, caring humans 24/7/365 standing by via phone, email, text and chat. My company might have been E-3-3, or maybe that was my Basic company. Hope your duty was better. 25 days ago. Many of us hopped on busses to Dallas Love Field to catch airplanes home. 5 in 15 months. They can focus on building new Soldiers strength, endurance, and MOS-specific skills right from the beginning, ensuring that everything taught will guide the new Soldiers towards not only graduating, but also being proficient at their job once they arrive to their unit. On the Military Base, facilities and infrastructure support the military . Telephone. Not any good memories, but many bad feelings about what we had to do. JBSA Security Forces install base access kiosks to enhance social distancing efforts Levied to Vietnam but PUEBLO Spy Ship was seized and all in our class sent to ROK. I was at Tigerland from November 66 to the end of January 77 and then off to the 4th Infantry Division in Pleiku South Vietnam, and from there into the Red Warriors A Company 1st of the 12th Infantry Batallion and most know the rest of how this story goes. Posted by on Jun 10, 2022 in which summary of the passage is the most accurate? A United States Army infantry recruit should expect a . As I commented to Allans post above, I worked for Virginia Walker, Lead Clerk in the Enlisted Records Branch. (HTTP response code 503). Apparently, you and I were in the same building, at the same time, from April, 1967 to November, 1967. He admits to being as excited as the families to open graduations up to community attendees for the first time in a year. How long is AIT for Army medic? My initial boss was CW2 Paul Brewer, and later was 1LT. I remember, I was in Genes training company. Image: Army Physical Therapy Specialists (MOS 68F) perform physical therapy on patients at the direction of a Physical Therapist. Permanent Party with Company A Special Troops. 2. NO B.S. Facebook; Twitter; YouTube; Instagram; MLK Campus 1801 Martin Luther King Drive San Antonio, Texas 78203. And, the bonus is that you will not be in the Army on active duty for more than two years and wont get a second tour of Vietnam that you might as either a Warrant Officer or Officer. Ironically, I had the records for my basic training company, E-1-2. She had worked there for many years before I was assigned there. Family members whose soldiers are heading to Fort Sam Houston for training in any Army enlisted medical job (68 series, such as 68W - Combat Medic, 68C - Practical Nurse Specialist, 68K - Medical Laboratory Specialist, etc.) fort sam houston ait privileges750 watt step through electric bike. He was one of the best supervisors that I had the pleasure of servicing. We will monitor this population closely through screening, surveillance, and antigen testing, LeMaster said. This Memorial Day, LeMaster also urges everyone to take a moment to reflect on the hundreds of thousands of Americans who were lost during the pandemic. Find Navy Federal Branches and ATMs in your area. Address. Although I never had to go to Vietnam, I FULLY support my brothers and sisters who had to go, and am so proud of those who returned and especially for those who gave the ultimate sacrifice for their country. WIA Feb 21st 71 medevac to Zama Japan from 91st Evac March71 then to Valley Forge Army Hosp. You will hear a lot about the king of battle and will hear artillery. Funding for construction projects on post average $30 million annually. Assigned to 4th Bn, 9th Infantry Regiment (Manchus), 25th ID. Contact Information. are invited to join our support group. He was drafted into the Army. Joe 196th Light Infantry Americal Div. I was in For Polk also, and went to Vietnam as an infantry man and was wounded after 245 days in the bush. The post encompasses approximately 198,000 acres. Pershing. They bused us to Fort Polk and upon arrival low crawled us about one half block to our company. Fort Sam on the other hand, should allow you to leave post once done with nremt. I was at tigerland 1966-67..seargent Ramos.kept me aliveGodI hated that placebut now..Its one of my fondest memories. And because of the medics intimate relationship with combat, and because current 68Ws are not currently trained to provide care to patients beyond just their initial transport to a medical facility (Gallagher, 2018), a shift to an OSUT POI would improve the training and provide better care to patients and Soldiers in operational environments. Anything from small groups to several greyhound buses. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use. The NCOs and instructors at Bullis will treat you like a human and it's a nice break from the crappy bays back and Ft. Sam. . I was fortunate to qualify number one in the Battalion on the M-16 and was called to the stage at the graduation awards ceremony to receive a prize from the CO. When the VA kept denying you 100% disabitityyou should have gone immediately to your local and state congressmen for action. Drill sergeants are back at Advanced Individual Training (AIT)(Arden, 2018) and the Army is establishing a standardized combat casualty care instruction for all service members (Department of Defense, 2018, p. 1) in order to improve the emergency care medical capabilities of every service member. It has everything needed and is why the Best Medic Competition is held there every year (Williamson, 2018). Receive visitor access approval or disapproval from VC via government email or in person. FBFort Bragg, North Carolina: The former Pope Air Force base was absorbed into the Army's Fort Bragg in 2011. Cant remember all the companies I managed Enlisted Personnel records for, but one of them was the same company I was in for basic training, E-1-2. The barracks were not new but the same style we had at Fort Ord at the reception station. In the spring of 1976, the Infantry Training Center at Fort Polk closed its doors and ceased operations. Interesting how your next duty station was based on first letter of last name. US Army North Fort Sam Houston and Camp Bullis 1945 Dragon Valley Road, Bldg 199 Fort Sam Houston, TX 78234-7800 Phone: (210) 221-1719 Fax: (210) 221-9560. I went to ft sill for basic and phone privileges will vary based on the battery (company) you are assigned to. Tripler AMC, Hawaii You will have your phone, with the exception of during class/training. Tel: (210) 221-9274. Must have two forms of valid ID and one must have a photo not including the Confiscation Memo. Your tour reflects many of the same incidents I and many many other 11Bs experienced. Currently, 68W AIT is held at Fort Sam Houston, Texas, with the first seven weeks dedicated to mastering the skills to pass the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians (NREMT). Being out of the bush would have been different maybe just more patrols as usual? Its been a LONG time, and its good to reminisce and remember. A benefit of using the OSUT method is that the drill sergeants, also 68Ws, would be able to spend more time on teaching the necessary basic life-saving skills as well as physical fitness and discipline on top of Warrior Tasks and Battle Drills that are learned at Initial Entry Training. 4. At your AIT school, you'll receive hands-on training and field instruction to make you an expert in that career field. (n.d.). We arrived at Ft Polk around 1AM Aug.~Nov 67. 63 NEED HELP WE WERE SPRAYED DURING TRAINING PLEASE CONTACT ME AT thank u jimmy. Went to Vietnam in 71-72 and had an awful tour with the Americal Division in Chu Lai and then Danang. I too was a Personnel Specialist with the Adjutant Generals Office and also assigned to Company A Special Troops. I may or may not have seen your father depending on what section, Basic or AIT troops he may have trained with. (2018, December 7). Welcome home brother. LeMaster said there is risk in allowing people from across America to have contact with Soldiers while there is still some risk of infection. In June 2006, the San Antonio Express-News reported that Fort Sam Houston received utility disconnection notices due to budget constraints.[14]. Battalion and company commanders have discretion as far as rules, privileges etc. I really need to get into touch with someone whom can vouch for me being there for my retirement benefits If all goes well over the Memorial Day weekend, Soldiers can expect more allowances, like recurring weekend passes in the local area. I turned 21 at Tiger Land. SW Campus 800 Quintana Road Looking for Drill Sergeant Skillern August, September 1969 . toddsherman1948@gmail Retrieved from At the completion of AIT soldiers with last names beginning with A,B,C,D got orders for Germany, while E thru Z went to Nam. Retrieved from, Congressional Medal of Honor Society. Does anyone remember a Drill Sergeant Clark? Shop the largest military government retailer online and in store for exclusive discounts. Hours. Media and official tours must contact the 502nd Air Base Wing Public Affairs office for access coordination. I was a kid (like most everyone else) when I arrived from Chicago at Ft. Polk in the fall of 72 (and stayed until early 73) for Basic and AIT I just wish I could figure out (or remember) exactly WHERE I was there.. Echo-3-2 comes to memory, but Im not certain that its from there. LOL!! Everyone knew when we left Knox the end game would be Nam. Retrieved from, Williamson, T. (2018, September 20). I remember the Stewardess gave us a small paper cup with some liquid that put us out for the entire flight. The paratroopers rehearsed medical evacuation procedures including using the helicopters hoist system. LZ Center. It lasts seven weeks making it one of the shortest training periods for a medical-related MOS Room assignments shall be designated by the MAA only. In those days, Polk was as rough as anything the Marines handed out. Fort Sam Houston IG Offices. Alex Skripnichuk). [8]:1315 Edward Braden Construction Co. won the contract to build the post on 7 June 1876, for $83,900. Dependents must have the Sponsor complete DD Form 1172 online and the electronic renewal application or attached copy; the sponsor must certify DD Form 1172 with an electronic signature. Any veteran with a cancer diagnosis who was exposed to agent orange is eligible for VA Medical Benefits. Guys who worked in the Levy Section, where rosters for Vietnam came down from Washington, lived in Co. A, Sp. . Mine was Ft. Ord. The command maintains several academic affiliations for bachelor's and master's degree programs with major universities such as Baylor University, University of Texas Health Science Centers at Houston and San Antonio, and University of Nebraska. Hard to believe. A Big Thank you to the fresh-back Vietnam Veteran who saved my ass by nocking me down just before it blew up12 feet away. 2080 Wilson Way Dont know if this is the same guy, or if a copy of his photo would help you, in any way, but, if so, you can contact me at, and Ill be happy to send you a copy of the photo. fort sam houston ait privileges. It's very much like Fort Sill, but with rooms rather than bays for the . I went from Ft Knox Basic direct to Ft Polk AIT Tigerland Aug.1970 then direct to Vietnam as 11Bravo. Went to the Vietnam Memorial 3 times so far. This is where they learn to treat injuries that are prevalently found during war time and wraps up into an Individual Skills Validation. [4] This combined the capabilities of Wilford Hall Medical Center located at nearby Lackland Air Force Base to create the largest medical treatment facility and teaching hospital in the Department of Defense. I was at Fort Polk, La. JBSA-Fort Sam Houston Walters VCC Kiosk QR Code,, 210-221-2650, 210-221-2651 and 210-221-1902. Army Gen. Brown returns to the field using a physical therapy regimen after 12 knee surgeries. You will then receive an email that helps you regain access. Completed Basic in E-1-2. I have no worries about supplements for medicare because I have Tricare for Life which I do not have to pay for. Gen. Wainwright took command of the Fourth United States Army here in 1946. Interesting Tigerland was still operating as it was. I thought that sounded good, at least better than Tigerland at Polk. The Military Base houses personnel, conducts training operations for active duty and reservist forces, stores equipment, and supports military operations. Definitions of United States Army Basic Training, synonyms, antonyms, derivatives of United States Army Basic Training, analogical dictionary of United States Army Basic Training (English) 2-1 . result in the loss of room privileges and expulsion from government quarters. Known as the brain trust for the Army Medical Department, the Army Medical Department Center and School annually trains more than 25,000 students attending 170 officer, NCO and enlisted courses in 14 medical specialties. Each month, when a list came down, my buddies first checked to see if any of the guys in our company were on there, and told us about it. At the end of World War II, the Army decided to make Fort Sam Houston the principal medical training facility. The physical was the toughest one I had ever taken and with a lot of emphasis on your eyes and motor skills. I know that in the past our local and state government in PA helped deserving guys like you get their benefits. Almost sounds like a ditto repeat which i had as well. Personnel must notify the entry controller that they have a privately owned weapon and where they intend on transporting it. Two of the guys on my mortar team were in the regular Army and one of them was going to jump school at Ft. Bragg after AIT. WI-FI ON THE GO Access to over 1 million hotspots all over the world. During that time, it housed the Apache war chief Geronimo and warriors captured with him, while the Federal government decided whether to treat them as prisoners of war or common criminals. where government does not interfere with him, where no class privileges exist, and where, from the day of his landing, he stands on a footing of absolute equality with the natives. Actually Im a Life Member of the DAV and that is the only organization I belong to. I remember that it was called Little Vietnam! Thanks Dad for that $100 bucks. I was wounded in February of 72 about three to five clicks west of Firebase Maude which is south of Danang about 5 miles. For more information about the U.S. Army Medical Center of Excellence, visit Paratroopers with 508th Parachute Infantry Regiment, 3rd Brigade Combat Team, 82nd Airborne Division, provide emergency medical care to a simulated casualty during a live-fire exercise alongside British paratroopers, Nov. 16, 2018, in Kenya, Africa, as part of Operation Askari Storm. The US Armys premier multimedia organization that focuses on advancing the ideas and insights military professionals need to lead and succeed. Fort Polk began as a base for the Louisiana Maneuvers in the 1940s. I was with CoA, 3rd Bn, 3rd Bde, Jan-Feb 1967. And yes I am right handed. Off to Vietnam Jan 1969 assigned to 9th Regiment 25th ID. The best way to see what's on the page is to view the . The Fort Sam Houston is a well-known Army Installation. Important Contacts Fort Sam Houston Base Operator (210) 221-1110 Fort Sam Houston Military &. You can also read the documentation to learn about Wordfence's blocking tools, or visit to learn more about Wordfence. Long runs, low crawl before chow, fire guard, and waxing the center isle. And NO, we could not see what the snake was doing, as we were ordered to face forward and look directly at the soldiers head in front of us. The more lives Army medics save, the more Soldiers they can keep in the fight during future near-peer conflicts. However, I processed records for many guys who were sent to Vietnam. His name is Bruno Silva. I would love to hear any stories if you have them. The Fort Sam Houston is a well-known Army Installation. Go big or go home (in a body bag). Was very lucky. I had just graduated from college and gotten married so I was one of the old guys and a college boy. 2080 Wilson Way JBSA-Fort Sam Houston, . 2. After basic, I was shipped to Ft. Sam Houston, in Texas, for medic training. The United States Postal Service operates the Fort Sam Houston Post Office at 1804 Stanley Road.[15]. Dwight D. Eisenhower was posted to Fort Sam Houston twice during his career, as was Walter Krueger. As a result of the Base Realignment and Closure Commission (BRAC) 2005 recommendations, all military medical training has been consolidated at Fort Sam Houston. [8]:1820 [9], Between 1885 and 1893, 60 additional buildings were built on 43 acres, Upper post or Infantry Post, purchased by the army east of the Quadrangle, including the 1893 Band Barracks overlooking another parade ground. When someone would ask where did you go for AIT? When you responded Fort Polk, there was always some kind of crazy comment. That is unless you wanted to drop down and do push-ups by the snake. Spc. Believe it or not, I have good memories of my time there, the friendships and camaraderie. Levied to Vietnam May of 1970. (MOS 68G) Summary: Patient Administration Specialist AIT takes place at Fort Sam Houston. The final phase of training takes place at a Soldier Medic Training Site (SMTS) and is two weeks long. Fort Polk was rather interesting place to be. Samantha Simonton. thank you lord!!!! ME!!! I enlisted in Dallas and was sent to Basic at Ft. Polk in October 67. Sgt. While doing so, I devised and implemented a special processing method for processing in reservists, and got a Army Commendation Medal for it. fort sam houston ait privileges. In December, during Holiday Block Leave, Soldiers were permitted to take holiday leave, and there were no major COVID-19 incidents. Did not matter what your MOS was going to be. Although I had numerous friends who got shipped to Vietnam, I was so blessed and grateful that my name never came down on a list, and I never had to go. An OSUT POI could really streamline the training process and ensure an extremely high post-school house product so that medics are at the top of their game before arriving to their unit or a battlefield. Go ARMY! As we celebrate the freedoms that we get to enjoy, lets honor the memory of our fallen and their families by staying committed to the Army COVID fight..
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